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by Jim C. on The Gilbert Clinic of Chiropractic and Massage

I live 90 minutes from the Gilbert Clinic but that hasn't stopped me from being treated by Dr. Gilbert for the past 25 years! He has the knowledge and experience to get right to whatever issues I have and fixes it. I am so lucky to have a chiropractor with his skill-set and wonderful office staff. Thanks Dr. Gilbert for keeping me pain-free and on the go for all these years.

Thanks Jim! I'm sure traveling once a month for an adjustment, massage and to evaluate your core exercises has paid off for you.

by Dan Gizar on The Gilbert Clinic of Chiropractic and Massage

Dr. Gilbert has an excellent practice with much more than just adjustments. He offers sports medicine, yoga, massage and I know there is more but I forgot the rest. Dr. Gilbert is a great chiropractor and all of his staff are wonderful to work with. I was in a bad car accident and Dr. Gilbert helped me get back on my feet and the massage therapist was so wonderful I could have stayed forever. Definitely make an appointment if you have a need for any of his services.

Thanks for the great review Dan! Hope all is well with you.

by Shauna Manter on The Gilbert Clinic of Chiropractic and Massage

For my first time there, it is a beautiful place with a wonderful staff, and after my adjustment I came out feeling wonderful.

Thank you Shauna, we look forward to helping you! Call us if you need us.

by Annetta Halkias on The Gilbert Clinic of Chiropractic and Massage

Did you know that Dr.Gilbert not only works on backs, he also works on shoulders, hands, and elbows? I was there for my back adjustment when he noticed me fussing with my hand and asked what was wrong, I told him it was bothering me and he put me back on the table and worked with my fingers and wrist, the pain went away. He also worked on my elbow that was causing me some pain. Please know he works on all joint areas, not just the back. Dr.Gilbert is my Super Hero and
Jennifer you are Wonder woman, my ray of sunshine at each visit. Thank you both for the care you have given me. Sincerely, Annetta

Annetta, we love having as you as a patient! Thank you so much for your feedback! And yes there are more joints in the body besides the spine.