How Does Spinal Decompression Work? At The Gilbert Clinic In Marine City, MI

At The Gilbert Clinic we use a Kennedy Spinal Decompression Table with neural flex technology for maximum results. 

During a session of non-surgical spinal decompression, you will lie either face-up or face-down on a computer controlled table with a few harnesses holding your upper body in place. The table’s angle is adjusted to precisely affect the targeted spinal level. Once the setup is completed the lower part of the table then moves in a computer- controlled automated fashion that gently stretches and releases the spine, creating space in between the discs. This computerized controlled decompression allows the herniated or bulging disc to recede back into place and for nutrients and healing fluids to flood into the disc.

When a disc has ruptured or “herniated,” or is bulging it may create pressure against one or more of the spinal nerves which can cause pain, weakness or numbness in the neck or back that can radiate into the legs or arms. Non-surgical Decompression creates negative pressure within the disc, causing the herniation to be drawn slowly back into the disc space, thus relieving the pressure, as it re-hydrates the disc. Midway through the treatment protocol, the formation of Collagen begins to take place in and around the disc. These ‘sticky’ cells have the ability to form other cells including chondroblasts or baby cartilage cells. These cells help the disc to heal.

Eighty-six percent of ruptured intervertebral disc (RID) patients achieved ‘good’ (50-89% improvement) to ‘excellent’ (90-100% improvement) results with decompression. Sciatica and back pain were relieved. “Of the facet arthrosis patients, 75% obtained ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ results with decompression.”

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American Journal of Pain Management Vol. 7 No. 2 April 1997

“Results showed that 86% of the 219 patients who completed the therapy reported immediate resolution of symptoms, while 84% remained pain-free 90 days post-treatment. Physical examination findings showed improvement in 92% of the 219 patients, and remained intact in 89% of these patients 90 days after treatment.”

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