Sports Injuries Treated by Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Chiropractors are well-known for their treatment of spinal pain, including neck, back and headache pain, and there is significant research to support chiropractic care for these problems. However, as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, one of a few in the state, Dr. Gilbert has additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of non-spinal musculoskeletal injuries including: shoulder, elbow, wrist and hands as well as hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries.
The unique training and experience common to certified sports chiropractors allows faster and more precise diagnosis of problems related to exercise, repetitive motion and high-intensity activity.

Certified Chiropractic Sport Physicians seek to infuse their specialized knowledge of sports medicine into patient care as a component of an integrated healthcare team. The goal is to optimize rehabilitation, improve patient outcomes and prevent recurring injury whether on the field or in the office.

We work with other physicians and facilitate prompt referrals as needed for all cases.

What can Marine City Chiropractor do for you?

As a chiropractor specializing in sports we are committed to a greater understanding of the body’s postural and functional analysis and helping athletes maintain their peak performance levels.
The challenges that athletes put their bodies through differ from ordinary lifestyle stresses on the human structure. The high activity level of any athlete is a good thing, as long as they are capable of maintaining proper posture and correct movement patterns.

Do I Need to Be Evaluated?

When posture becomes compromised and movement patterns altered the body begins to be subjected to repeated stress patterns. These patterns of stress typically show up in predictable ways with common areas of complaint.
If you are sore after athletic performance, this is normal, but if you feel a sharp pain, or a long term nagging discomfort especially if it seems to reoccur this may be an indication that your posture and movement patterns are compromised creating secondary dysfunction.

Two Types of Dysfunction

Primary: This type involves a trauma/accident i.e. lifting, impact collision, slip & fall or some other unexpected circumstances, usually sudden in nature.
Secondary: This type of dysfunction is caused by faulty posture and abnormal movement patterns and is often the result of repeated stress. This type of dysfunction develops over a longer period of time and can go years without notice and suddenly manifest with athletic activities.
Cause and Effect

How Can Marine City Chiropractor Help?

Depending on the diagnosis of your condition we have function tests to pinpoint problems and treatment programs to:

  1. Reduce pain and symptoms
  2. Stabilize and better your posture
  3. Restore normal function of the involved areas
  4. Prevent future problems

Treatments options we might pursue:

  1. Manipulation of the affected areas
  2. Ultrasound Therapy. Ultrasound can be beneficial in both acute and chronic conditions.
  3. The use of Therapeutics: massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release
  4. Kinesio Tapping or bracing as needed
  5. Exercise to build muscle strength and stabilize joint movement
  6. Stabilizing Orthotics to help foot stability and absorb damaging stress